Hey There!

If you’re reading this, then you most likely already know who I am. And you also probably know that this isn’t the first time I’ve started my own website and blog. There have been many times where I’ve been sucked back into reality or just gotten caught up with life, and I found myself not writing as much.  
And every one of those times, I found myself asking the same questions over and over again. Who am I? What do I want to do with my life? What is it that I’m passionate about? 
I dive into something new and I’m constantly looking for what’s next. I’m never 100% satisfied with where I am in my life, which leaves me always craving something more.  
I call myself impulsive, and adventurous, and a dreamer. Constantly searching for my purpose in life. When in reality, I had the answers all along. 
I’m an artist. I’m a writer. I am a dreamer. And there’s nothing wrong with that.  
So here I am again...creating another blog site where I can write and share my adventures and ideas...where I can post pictures of the beauty I find in life and share the music that helps me express how I’m feeling when words aren’t enough. 
Feel free to stick around on my journey. I’m only just getting started! 

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